Advanced Insights API

As video calls become the norm in our everyday lives, an understanding of the end-user experience is vital for communications providers to stay ahead of the market. Transform interactive video experiences with usage and QoS data to improve customer engagement, streamline operations, and maximize ROI. Identify trends and build systems to support your business with Advanced Insights API.

Customer experience analytics

  • Learn vital information about users habits and preferences to shape the product vision.
  • Deliver targeted client experiences.
  • Correlate usage and quality data to pinpoint UX challenges and help direct resources.
  • Filter by time, geo & endpoint, including SDK & Browser types.

Video operations

  • Design systems to support your business model.
  • Monitor effectiveness and keep records of key changes.
  • Quickly identify sources of network challenges and quality interruptions.
  • Billing, security audit & network monitoring applications.


  • Gain rich behavioral data to inform your campaigns.
  • Customize marketing programs to users’ behavior, geo, and platform.
  • Map campaign effectiveness to actual usage.
  • Incorporate usage data into marketing reports.
Dive into session details

View vital data, such as duration and quality of every session and every stream.

Customize to your needs

Access data with the GraphQL query standard to meet your analysis and workflow needs.

Part of your ecosystem

Integrate video analytics into your own data pipeline to inform decisions and streamline operations.

Full control of your data

Data storage tools that meet your business requirements, unrestricted by Hayyul data-retention policies.

See video activity at a glance or integrate with your own data pipelines.

Insights Dashboard and API

Understand performance at a glance with access to your critical project metrics in one comprehensive dashboard. See what your users are experiencing, around the world and across devices.

GraphiQL Explorer

Test drive custom queries before integrating Advanced Insights API into your environment with GraphiQL Explorer, an open source, web-based query interface powered by the GraphQL query language for APIs.

API Integrations

Bring the video information you need into your own tools and analytics systems to programmatically interact with the data. Integration is easy with our trusted developer guides and sample apps.

Ready to take your analysis further? Our developer tools can help.

Developer playground

Our Developer playground let you explore the platform capabilities without having to write any code.

Pre-call test

Isolate connectivity issues for end-users. Test connectivity, call quality and client apps and devices with Pre-Call Test.


Inspector is a post-call diagnostic tool for identifying errors, failures and quality issues within your session.

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