Financial services solutions

When it comes to financial services, privacy and compliance are top priorities. Unified communications, contact centers, and APIs work in harmony to offer a security-focused, real-time customer experience on any device, through any channel—voice, SMS, messaging, and video. Be the company your customers trust.

Keep costs down and customer satisfaction up

Financial services companies including insurance, banks, crowdfunding, and money transfer are using programmable communications to deliver a dynamic and engaging customer experience, built around customer preferences, all with a focus on security.

  • Use two-factor verification to validate every customer for privacy assurance, and encrypted live video consultations to advise customers.
  • Empower advisors to enhance customer experience and engagement with real-time sentiment analysis.
  • Maintain context and continuity across channels with conversations that move with the customer, delivering a superior experience.
  • Embed verification, automated alerts, voice, video, and customer insights directly into every customer interaction.
  • Engage with customers on their preferred channel, leveraging the power of our Messages API to chat with customer across social chat apps and SMS.

Happier customers, happier agents

Hayyul Contact Center integrates natively with many common CRMs including Salesforce’s Financial Services Cloud, making it the clear option for financial institutions who want to provide their clients with the service they expect and an experience that builds loyalty. Choose from a range of contact center solutions for every size business.

  • Hayyul’s powerful analytics solution, Conversation Analyzer, can listen in on calls and give you valuable insights in real time or detailed analytics reports later.
  • Advanced CTI routing ensures every call goes to the right agent at the right time. No more “please hold while I transfer your call,” and no more long waits listening to bad music.
  • Use natural language AI-driven VoiceBot to handle routine questions and direct the tough stuff to your qualified human agents.
  • Reach customers and prospects (or let them reach you) on their channel of choice—voice, video, SMS, or social messaging.

A telephony system that pays dividends

Whether your business prefers desk phones or mobile devices, we help you unify all your communications on one platform: voice, video conferencing, team messaging, call recording, SMS, and much more. We even integrate with leading CRMs—now that’s what we call unified.

  • The Hayyul Integration Platform includes CRM, collaboration, and business productivity applications; our interface allows you to integrate multiple applications into one cloud-based unified communications platform.
  • 99.999% uptime reliability* and an SD-WAN solution offers elevated quality of service across any network.
  • Enjoy 50+ business phone features, all online in the cloud, including paperless fax, call monitoring, virtual receptionists and more.
  • Comprehensive documentation, data encryption, and more high-standard security features mean your customer data is safe and sound.
  • Global availability in up to 30 countries means you can connect easily with your teams worldwide.

Our financial services and FinTech customers include:

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