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Perhaps now more than ever, meeting and exceeding customer expectations in the retail space is crucial: luckily, we've got tech built for that. Hayyul’s cloud-based communications help retailers deliver an exceptional customer experience in real time—on any device—using voice, SMS, chat, video, and social media. Enhance that experience with real-time analytics, automate routine tasks, and more.

Turn “Sorry for the inconvenience” into “It’s a pleasure serving you”

Hayyul Contact Center elevates both the customer and agent experience by ensuring all calls are dealt with effectively and professionally, preventing dropped calls and long queue build-ups, and more:

  • Drive continuous improvement through real-time reporting and analytics.
  • Deploy a central toll-free number that routes calls based on the caller’s area code.
  • Reduce costs through self-service IVR and a call-back service.
  • Benefit from a professional voicemail system when agents are busy or after hours.
  • Faciltate business continuity—in the event of an emergency—by enabling quick transitions to remote locations or home offices.

Ensure customer engagement is always in stock

Acquire and retain loyal customers by delivering a frictionless, multichannel shopping experience built around their preferences. Hayyul APIs help e-commerce companies:

  • Enhance customer engagement and support with in-app messaging, private voice communication, social-media loyalty management, and a voice-enabled contact center.
  • Offer precise and immediate updates with text alerts and notifications, private SMS communication, and customer-support text messages.
  • Maximize account protection, step-up verification, and passwordless authentication with two factor-authentication.
  • Get insights into every interaction with call tracking, campaign tracking, and real-time sentiment analysis.

A high-quality experience upon receipt

Bolster employee and customer experiences by enabling your associates to take calls from the sales floor, your customers to place orders 24/7 via mobile and desktop apps, and your callers to use virtual receptionists to record messages for customer-service callbacks. And leverage Smart Numbers to provide a:

  • Business hours scheduler: Use a calendar to manage a company’s business hours.
  • Click-to-call feature: Let customers connect by clicking a button on your website, and help agents avoid manual dialing.
  • Use natural language AI and bots to handle simple questions about store hours, addresses, return policies, etc.

Our retail and e-commerce customers include:

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