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Manufacturing has unique communications needs. You can’t email your frontline workers at their desks, because they don’t have them. But with our unified communications, contact centers, and APIs, there are better ways to communicate both internally and externally.

Become a factory of customer loyalty

Hayyul Contact Center integrates natively with Salesforce, making it the clear choice for service and sales teams using Salesforce CRM. Choose from a range of contact center solutions for every business size.

  • Build a contact center with the ability to connect, via our modern web API gateways and flexible data connector (REST and web services), to the manufacturing applications your team uses every day.
  • Deep Salesforce integration provides service and sales teams with fully contextual engagement histories—for every customer on every channel.
  • Hayyul’s powerful analytics solution, Conversation Analyzer, can listen in on calls and give you valuable insights in real time or detailed analytics reports later.
  • Ensure business continuity and enable seamless remote work by offering the same top-tier tools to all your agents and employees, on any device—on the floor, in the field, or behind a desk.

Every conversation is unique

You’ve got people on the floor, in the field, and in offices, and chances are they all communicate a little differently. Whether they prefer desk phones or mobile devices, we help you unify all your communications on one platform: voice, video conferencing, team messaging, call recording, SMS, and much more. We even integrate with leading CRMs—now that’s what we call unified.

  • Route calls intelligently to different locations across the globe based on the area code of the person calling, with Smart Numbers dynamic geographic call routing.
  • Truly unify your communications with the Hayyul Integration Platform: integrate your business phone system with a variety of top business applications.
  • Outstanding communication infrastructure and exceptional voice quality let you handle even the toughest calls effortlessly—technology that disappears and just works.
  • Global availability in up to 30 countries means you can connect easily with your teams worldwide.

Building blocks for communication

Industrial manufacturing is experiencing the same digital transformation as most other industries. Gone are the days of analog 2-way radios. Programmable communications allow for apps that do so much more.

  • Embed messaging, voice, and video in your employee app, allowing instant, streamlined communication between employees.
  • Activate push notifications for company-wide announcements and alerts in real time.
  • “See what I see” video conferencing allows for remote machine maintenance and troubleshooting, minimizing downtime.
  • The flexibility of APIs allows you to invest as much or as little as you need in your communication.
  • Build apps that “just work” to enable customers, dealers, and distributors to conduct business.

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