Video Chat Embeds

Quickly add live video to your website in minutes with one line of code.

Learn the benefits of Video Chat Embeds.

Quick and easy setup

Requires just one line of code, with no server-side implementation, saving valuable development hours.

Create private rooms

Plug-and-play by dynamically connecting individuals in private video chat rooms for 1:1 or small group consultations.

Supported across the web

A simple off-the-shelf solution, compatible across all web browsers and can be integrated on WordPress, Squarespace and Zoho.

In just 4 steps, you'll be on your way to streaming and publishing live video.

Create your embed

Name your embed, specify width and height and add your website domain.

Add embed to your website

Copy your embed code and paste in the body of your HTML.

Begin call setup

Click the "Click to Start Call" button and connect to the video chat room.

Test and launch

Mute your audio and open the URL in another tab to see two video streams in the embed. Then start your video chat.

Learn the benefits of Video Chat Embeds.

Doctor | Patient

Connect with your patients in private rooms for 1:1 consultations, making it simple, convenient and affordable for your patients.

Tutor | Student

Quickly set up video chat in your website for peer-to-peer teaching or for small-group sessions to efficiently reach your clients.

Advisor | Client

Enable a more customer-centric experience to increase customer loyalty, whether you’re a financial institution, law firm, insurance company, or independent professional.

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