Transportation and logistics solutions

Delight your transportation and logistics customers by giving them access to—and real-time updates from—your carrier services, on any device. And with our voice, SMS, chat, video, and social media features in tow, you’ve got a full truckload of channels to offer, too.

Technology that truly delivers results

Enable an immediate, flexible, and positive experience for your customers via the channels they prefer. Hayyul APIs help transportation and logistics companies:

  • Automate shipment and delivery notifications—over a wide variety of social chat apps—with programmable solutions like social media customer service.
  • Use AI, social chat apps, voice bots or chatbots to reschedule deliveries or arrange returns with simple IVR and customer support text messages..
  • Enable a safer transportation experience for drivers and customers with two-factor authentication, fraud detection and step-up verification, phone number validation, and private voice communications.

Because customer loyalty is your most precious cargo

Hayyul Contact Center—with its cloud-based telephony, 21st-century call reliability, and inside sales platform—routes sales and service excellence toward its final destination, gives you control of your data, and puts the customer journey front and center:

  • Parcel out accurate real-time analytics to sift through calls and drive improvement.
  • Take advantage of a whole pallet of features like call recording, geographical display, automated call logging, monitoring, and a dialer.
  • Predict peak calling times and ensure staff availability.
  • Monitor inbound calls and offer trainees real-time feedback.
  • Dispatch agents to different locations—in the event of any emergency—to ensure business continuity.

Put an embargo on your team losing touch

Give your physically dispersed, mobile workforce the ability to stay in constant contact. Enable drivers in loud rest areas, truck stops, or weigh stations to review transcripts of voicemails within the body of an email or relay timely information to customers, like shipping delays and new ETAs.. With Hayyul Smart Numbers, you can provide:

  • Dynamic geographic call routing: Intelligently route calls across the globe, based on the caller’s area code.
  • IoT integration: Integrate your supply chain’s IoT devices and control them with voice and SMS commands.

Our transportation and logistics customers include:

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