Scale intelligent customer experiences with conversational AI

Are you ready to harness the power of conversational AI to better serve your customers and optimize your employee workflows?

Hayyul does that.™

The Vonage Communications Platform is uniquely designed with conversational AI in mind:

Speed to market

If you’re building yourself, our no-code visual tools make it easy to deploy new scripts and make IVR changes in real time

Trained for telephony

Speech-to-text models are built and trained on top of industry specific audio, delivering market leading performance for customer voice interactions

Natural language understanding (NLU)

Our NLU engine is uniquely built to understand the complexities of everyday customer and agent voice calls

Connected call flows

Utilize native integrations with the most widely used cloud-based applications; leverage APIs to remove paperwork time and increase efficiency


Provide instant answers—and gratification—with virtual assistants your customers will actually enjoy using

Answer every customer call immediately through AI-enhanced, voice-driven conversations in every language.


Design, create, and deploy customer engagement experiences

AI Studio is a low-code conversation design tool that operates in natural language and empowers developers and non-developers.


Boost your Contact Center intelligence without replacing your existing platform

Easily integrate real-time AI, new channels, and programmable building blocks, like APIs for Voice, SMS, Chat and more to innovate fast and delight customers.


Leverage conversational intelligence to continuously optimize your human interactions

Conversation data within your CRM provides the context and insights you need to improve performance, ensure compliance, find best practices, and improve customer satisfaction.

Access more programmable building blocks to power successful customer experiences

  • Accessed via our Voice API, AI connectors powered by WebSockets media streams enable you to deploy self-service and analytics tools that are customized to your business processes.
  • Deploy speech recognition voice bots quickly and easily in more than 120 languages to empower customer self-service.
  • Choose from our extensive partner solutions to build even more innovative and unique contact center experiences.

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