Interactive Broadcast

Engage with thousands – stream to millions.

Offer large scale video engagement directly in your branded websites and applications. Hayyul Video API supports up to 15,000 participants in real-time, plus live streaming to an unlimited number of viewers with HLS and delivery to social platforms including Facebook Live, Twitch.tv, YouTube Live, and more.

Build real interactivity into your events with the power of Hayyul Video API

Build an interactive "stage" of presenters

  • Lights! Action! Bring together people and content onto the stage from anywhere in the world.
  • As many onscreen presenters as your application demands
  • Capture complete application UI, with real-time interactions, immersive experiences and virtual spaces for broadcast and recording.

Engage with real-time audiences

  • Up to 15,000 interactive participants
  • Audience members can join and interact with presenters in real-time

Expanded live audience

  • Reach an unlimited number of viewers over HLS or Low Latency HLS (Beta)
  • Stream directly onto social platforms such as Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Twitch, and more via RTMP

Make your interactive broadcasts look and sound their best!

Experience composer

Capture the entire application experience – not just the video streams – and broadcast in near real-time, or record for on-demand viewing.

Full HD - 1080p (beta)

Raise the bar with Full HD WebRTC and HLS support in browsers, as well as native iOS, Android, Linux, and Windows applications.

Spacial audio

Give your presenters some room with audio anywhere in a 3D space - front and rear, left and right, above and below.

Adaptive layouts

Dynamic video layouts respond in real-time as users join and leave, screen is shared, and the conversation goes on.

Crisp presentations

Talking heads, slides, or motion pictures — our mature video platform adjusts for all viewers, no matter what you throw at it.

High fidelity sound

We hear you — and that’s why we use AAC codec at 128kbps — the highest recommended for full-band sound.

Why choose hayyul APIs for Interactive Broadcast?

Global scale and customers
Winning developer experience
Mature feature set
Security and compliance
Services expertise
AI in video (beta)
“With Hayyul's Video API, we are able to keep users within our ecosystem, allowing us to ensure that both local authority employees and members of the public can join meetings, communicate, and view secure and easily accessible information from any device.”


On the record

Whether you are creating post-event content, reference materials, or simply keepings records, the Video API has your recording needs covered.
Dynamic composition layouts
Create instant replay
Up to 4 hours in one go
Audio- and video-only recordings
Encrypted recording available
Flexible storage options

Including AWS S3, Azure, and Google Cloud Storage

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